Ways to Improve Sex Drive & Male Libido


Sex drive and libido are correlated as they both affect the desire to have sex. This involves both the internal and external factors that make an individual want to have a sexual activity. It includes the physical, emotional and psychological factors that influence the desire to have sex. The sex drive and libido is higher in males than females. Both decrease with increased age but it remains to be higher in males. The sex drive and libido varies from one person to another as some people want to have sex everyday while others will have it once or twice per year.

What is Sex Drive?

Improve Sex Drive & Male LibidoThe impulse or desire makes a person want to have a sexual activity. Sex libido and sex drive are correlated because they all affect an individual’s desire to have sex. Sex drive consists of the internal factors in an individual that increase the desire to have sex. Sex drive and sex libido decrease with increased age but it is higher in men.

What is Libido?

It encompasses many things that affect a person’s life. It refers to the life impulses that make an individual desire to have sex. The surrounding environment may influence the person’s libido because they may not feel the desire to have a sexual activity in that surrounding. When someone is not psychologically ready for a sexual desire, he has a low libido. Libido involves the lifestyle, psychological and mental factors that influence the sex drive.

Causes of Low Libido

Low libido is the life impulse and it can be affected by many factors. This includes the emotional, psychological and lifestyle factors.

Stress: When someone is stressed, the hormonal balance in the body is affected and this will in turn affect libido. Stress causes the constriction of blood vessels and this reduces the blood supply to the vital organs including the penis. Stress can also reduce the libido by distracting someone during the sexual activity.

Alcohol abuse: Alcohol is known to increase the libido when taken in small amounts. However, when taken in excess the libido is reduced. This is because there are many toxins that are introduced into the body when one ingests alcohol. This causes one to become dehydrated as most of the water is lost while removing the toxins in the body. This causes reduced blood flow to the vital organs including penis.

Reduced self- esteem: People who have a low esteem of their body images have reduced libido. This is because these people feel less attractive and less sexy and therefore they have reduced libido.

Drugs: Some of the drugs that are used in the treatment of diseases like hypertension and depression may cause reduced libido. Patients are advised to report to the doctor who can change the drugs. The doctor can advise the patient to get a different brand that has reduced effect on libido.

How Low libido Affects Sex Drive?

There is no ‘normal ‘to sex drive. Some people have increased libido and may want to have sex everyday while others want to have sex once a year. This varies with different circumstances that affect an individual. The factors that affect the libido have an effect on the sex drive.
This may include premature ejaculation that makes one have performance anxiety. The people who have premature ejaculation tend to avoid having sex because they are afraid that they will not satisfy their partner.

Depression may reduce the libido of an individual and therefore decrease their sex drive. This is because depression causes an individual to withdraw themselves from social activities including sex.

Traumatic Experiences: This includes rape, sexual abuse and harassment that may reduce the libido and this reduces the sex drive. This is because the people who have undergone a traumatic experience tend to fear engaging in a sexual activity for fear of suffering the same trauma.
Turn off: The things that turn off an individual will reduce the libido and this will in turn reduce the sex drive. This includes the partner becoming unattractive and this can be after delivery or gaining of weight. This reduces the attraction in one partner and this may reduce the libido.

How Male Enhancement Supplement Can Help?

The male enhancement pills increase the production of testosterone, growth hormone and nitric acid. This increase the sexual drive and libido. Nitric acid acts by expanding the blood vessels that supply blood to different organs in the body and this causes one to have an erection. The natural male enhacement supplement that can be taken to increase the sex drive and libido include Virectin. This drugs act by increasing the activity of the heart to be able to pump blood to all the vital organs in the body. When there is good supply to male sexual organs, there is increased sex drive, libido, sexual stamina, function and performance.


Libido and desire to have sex are correlated and they vary from one person to another. There are different factors that cause a reduction in libido and this includes depression, sicknesses, drug abuse, stress and low self-esteem. There are different male enhancement supplements that can be taken to increase libido, sex drive and sexual performance. This supplements act by increasing the growth hormone, testosterone hormone and nitric acid. This helps to increase the activity of the heart ensuring that enough blood is supplied to the vital organs in the body. When there is improved blood flow to the sexual organs, there is improved sexual activity.


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